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Birding Safaris

The primary aim of our guides is to show you those birds which are truly remarkable and elusive; the likes of the endemics, restricted-range, endangered, vulnerable and threatened. Please note that a knowledgeable guide is key to the success of any organized bird watching trip, and for independent birdwatchers with high expectations, hiring a local guide is highly beneficial because it increases the chances of seeing the less common and local species, contributes to the local economy and creates an incentive to protect birds.

They also know where you should go at what time to watch what. You will surprise that our guides will identify birds by naked eyes far where your eyes may not be able to identify without binoculars.

We offer individuals and groups the opportunity to take a tailor-made tour designed to meet your expectations of a birding adventure in Tanzania.

We organize short and long birding trips throughout the year taking into consideration the full package, including accommodations and meals, transport and services of a professional birding guide to maximize your Africa bird watching adventure. We will assist you select the locations according to your preferences or type of birding trip you want.

The ancient range of mountains, that dissect Tanzania from its north eastern edge to its south western edge, and that take in the Mountain ranges of Pare and Usumbara in the north, and Udzungwa and Mahenge in the south, are the oldest in East Africa and home so some of the greatest endemic biodiversity in the world.

The most important of the reserves is the Udzungwa Range National Park which is located to the north of the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania. This park is home to many of the countries main endemic species. The nearby, Amani Nature Reserve is, however, a more accessible haven for those wanting to try and see these rarities.

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