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Camping Safari

Natural Agency & Car Hire provide the highest level of comfort. The tents are spacious enough and have a mesh on each window to keep off insects. All preparations at the camp are made on arrival at the campsite. Guests are often expected to help pitch the tents, but the cooking and cleaning is all left to the camping crew.

Camping safaris are designed for those who don't mind eating and sleeping outside. Tanzania is one of the Africa’s best camping destinations and there is no better way to experience the Africa wilderness than by camping out in wilds under the wide skies ,relax and stick your toes in the sand while you sit under around a crackling campfire, watching spectacular sunsets and listening to Africa’s nightlife, a lions roar in the distance, the cry of Hyena, the chirp of a cricket.

All that can be enjoyed on a traditional camping safari which lets you enjoyed untamed African wilderness.

We recommend visitors to bring their own sleeping bags. Public campsites provide basic washroom facilities of reasonable hygienic, standard for budget camping safaris. At some Parks we use semi permanent campsites which offers an upgrade camping style with facilities like showers(hot showers on request) and Flash Toilets.

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