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Cultural Tours

We arrange various cultural visits where you will be able to visit some local people or organizations and get to know more about Tanzanian culture. Many visitors choose to spend a day on a chosen cultural tourism programme either before or after their safari and or trek.

However, for those wishing to spend more time overnight stays in tents or basic accommodation in the village, where possible, can also be arranged. While stunning wildlife and dramatic landscapes may delight visitors, it is the friendliness and good hospitality of the people that ultimately seals their memories.

Tanzania, unlike its neighbors is home to over 120 tribes and ethnic groups, peacefully coexisting and retaining a unified national identity.

There are many ways to interact with the locals, learn and appreciate their ways of life and at the same time by your very visit make a small contribution to their living standard. Be delighted in hearing the myths and legends unique to each tribe.

Some villages have their own medicine men who have learnt the passed down art of using herbs and plants for natural healing. Book your safari with us and enjoy the Tanzanian culture.

Bushmen / Hadzabe
The Hadzabe are living around Lake Eyasi in the central Rift Valley and in the neighboring Serengeti Plateau. Some 300--400 Hadza live as hunter-gatherers, much as their ancestors have for thousands or even tens of thousands of years; they are the last full-time hunter-gatherers in Africa.

A visit with the bushmen is worthwhile and will graciously show you where and how they live and hunt. They subsist entirely off the bush and by bow hunting. Everything they use is made from local materials and their arrows are coated in lethal poison. Their language resembles that of Kalahari bushmen tribe.

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