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Ngorongoro Conservations

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest perfect caldera on the planet, over 18 kilometers across, 750 meters deep and covering 260 square kilometers. It lies in the heart of the Ngorongoro Conservation area, a World Heritage Site which covers more than 8,292 sq km. It is bounded by Lake Eyasi in the southwest and the Gol Mountains in the North. The area contains active volcanoes.. Mt Ol Doinyo L'Engai, archaeological sites.

The Olduvai Gorge, rolling plains, forests, lakes, dunes and woodlands. Our safaris include a full day or more of game drives in the Crater and a visit to Olduvai Gorge (optional). The crater is the most spectacular place to visit in the Northern Tanzania Tourist Circuit . Home to the endangered black rhinoceros, the garden of 'Eden'. .., is abounding in wildlife; gazelles, buffalos, elands, hartebeests, big cats, huge elephants and seasonal visits of flamingo flocks.
Travel with us on an adventure, donkey supported walking safari in the crater highlands and climb Mt. Ol'Doinyo L'Engai.

Environment: The Conservation Area covers over 8,292 encompassing a variety of habitats including lake shore, swamp, semi desert area with a interesting single sand dune, rain forests and plains. You will find mountains, treeless rolling hills and volcanic craters.

The famous Ngorongoro Crater accounts for a mere 3% of the Conservation area. Empakaai crater on the North is decorated by an awe inspiring volcanic crater lake. A mastery work of the Creator.

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